Lawn Scarification is an extremely important part of a proper lawn care regime. It is the removal of dead organic matter and moss from, what is known as, the “thatch layer”. The thatch layer is the base of the grass plant. Scarifying this area is important to maintain a healthy growing environment above and below the soil surface.

Having some thatch on your lawn acts as a natural insulator and is beneficial. Thatch retains moisture during hot, dry weather and also helps the soil retain heat in the winter. It is partly self-managed by microbial action.

However, quite often, the thatch can become too thick and then it causes problems for healthy growth of the grass plant. The next stage of deterioration is the appearance of moss. This signals that the environment is too wet – which is normally caused by the moisture retention of the thatch. Ideally we want to prevent the moss occurring and a proper scarifying regime can prevent this.

There are lots of ways that the thatch can be made worse such as incorrect grass length when cutting. Especially cutting the grass too short. At “Your Lawn Services” we are experts in scarifying lawns and keeping the grass plant in tip-top condition.

Look at your lawn and see if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • The grass isn’t a healthy green colour.
  • Lots of pests (grubs / leatherjackets etc will infest poorly managed grass).
  • Poor drainage – grass feels soggy underfoot and stays wet for a long period following a downpour.
  • Fertiliser and grass seed will become inefficient and ineffective.
  • The lawn very spongy to walk on and becomes difficult to mow.

If any of those symptoms sound familiar then please get in touch. We are more than happy to have a look and provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation to get your grass healthy again so you can, once again, start to enjoy your lawn.


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