Mowing your grass the right way is one of the important factors to consider when trying to keep a healthy lawn. Grasses behave the same as plants do, if you mow the growing point, which is in the crown, the grass begins to spread out and become more dense.

This creates thousands of individual grass plants which are tightly packed into a turf or lawn. If you stopped mowing entirely then the grass would grow much taller and would be a lot more difficult to manage.

However, it’s not just the act of mowing that makes your grass healthy and keeps your lawn looking good. It is crucial to get the mowing height and mowing frequency correct too. Remember that cutting a lawn is quite stressful for the grass. Cutting grass too frequently and too short can damage the plants as it stifles their ability to retain nutrients.

Try and keep your mowing height slightly higher in tough conditions (for the grass) such as a drought or very hot weather. And then, when conditions are more favourable, you can lower your mowing height.

There is a rule of thumb surrounding mowing height that states that, for a healthy lawn, you should never cut more than one-third of the grass blade height in any one mow. If that means that the grass height is still too high after mowing you may have to mow again in a few days.

After mowing you’ll want to neaten the edges and trim off any excess grass. It gives the lawn a very professional finish. Using a strimmer or an edger and using it to define the edges of the lawn makes a huge difference to the overall look of a lawn. It is always best to make sure you sweep away any clippings and debris after edging your grass and also ensure that you wear safety shoes and safety glassses. It is possible that a strimmer can kick up stones at an alarming speed and you need to protect your eyes. Similarly, if you are careless with the strimmer or edger you can easily hit your feet so wearing strong walking boots or safety boots is the preferred solution.

Alternatively, why not call in the experts?

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