When it comes to picking the right lawnmower for your garden it is important to make the right choice. Lawnmowers can be expensive and cumbersome devices and there are a lot of considerations to take into account.

Everyone wants a nice green lush lawn. It is often the main feature of a garden and brings people a lot of pleasure. There’s nothing better on a hot sunny day than sitting in a peaceful garden watching the to-ing and fro-ing of the bees as you while away the afternoon. And to make that dream a reality you need a good lawnmower.

Shopping for a lawnmower can be a daunting task. There are lots of different types of lawnmower – do you go for a petrol or an electric lawnmower – and then do you go for a rotary, hover or cylinder lawnmower? Should it collect it’s own grass? Should it be a ride-on mower? What about a robot lawnmower?!??! The list is endless!

The main things to consider are your budget and your size of your garden but firstly let’s explain about the different types of lawnmower available.


Cylinder lawn mowers, as their name suggests, have cylindrical blades that rotate at the front. If you are choosing a cylinder mower try and get one with three or more blades.

These mowers are most suited to flat lawns that you want to keep short. They are available a petrol, electric and push mowers.


Rotary lawnmowers have one long blade and spins underneath the mower like a helicopter blade. These mowers are well suited to all types of grass and are more common than rotary mowers. They are also better at cutting longer grass.

Rotary mowers can be powered by petrol, electric or battery.


Hover lawnmowers hover above the ground, making them easier to push and adept at mowing uneven surfaces. They are a good choice for unusual-shaped lawns and cheaper than other types.

However, hover lawnmowers are not always suitable for larger gardens. They are usually electric powered and have rotary blades.

There are also different power options available:

Electric lawnmowers

By far the majority of lawnmowers run from mains electricity and this is generally the best choice for most small and medium-sized lawns in domestic properties. The mowers are lighter and easier to use and store. Always make sure that the cable is long enough to reach the farthest part of your garden (or ensure you have a suitable extension to go with your mower).

Also be very careful not to run over the cable with the mower or you will definitely damage the cable but could also damage the mower and possibly cause yourself to have an electric shock.

Cordless lawnmowers

Cordless battery-powered mowers allow for quick and hassle-free deployment and use. They give all the benefits of an electric mower without the problems associated with a cable although they do need charging up regularly. They can be more expensive than mains electric models because of the battery.

Petrol lawnmowers

Petrol-powered lawn mowers are best for larger gardens where a ride-on mower would be too big or bulky to store. They are a bit more expensive and need to be refueled (along with somewhere to store the fuel) but they are extremely powerful and can tackle any amount of grass growth very easily.

However, bear in mind that petrol lawnmowers will need servicing like car engines, and you will need to check and top-up the oil.

Push lawnmowers

These are generally suited to smaller flat gardens and you just push them along yourself. They are very eco-friendly and don’t produce noise or emissions. However you need to be relatively fit to use one and they certainly are not suited to everyone.

If you prefer not to own a lawnmower at all or you don’t like mowing grass then why not get in touch with us and we’ll do all the hard work for you. Get in touch below for a free lawn analysis and let us take the stress and worry out of mowing for you.


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